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  • Hajj pilgrimage is a dream of every Muslim. It attracts countless Muslims every year to gather in Mina to perform Hajj. Al-Hijaz tours only the destination for Hajj & Umrah services in the United Kingdom. Our experts worked very hard for over a decade to design Hajj packages UK which allow all pilgrims to experience this pilgrimage with comfort, ease, and support. The journey of annual pilgrimage is one to remember your whole life, the memories of the amazing spiritual adventure and pleasant companionship will live with you all life. At here, we bring you the best services of annual pilgrimage Packages for 2019 in order to make your time best forever. 

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    Our commitment to pilgrims makes sure every Hajj packages 2019 best suits your demands, is affordable and as well gives you a better level of elasticity. We know that different peoples have different plans for their journey. Considering all the aspects in mind we are going to introduce several our best deals to pilgrims, we are offering 17 days Hajj package for the pilgrims who want to go for a short period. 21 day and 27-day annual pilgrimage deals who want to stay long. You can easily choose any of our packages and complete your obligatory act with best amenities offered by us. We truly listen to your comment and this is one of the numerous reasons following our pilgrimage Package’s increasing status and as well the trust of our respected clients.

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     Al-Hijaz tours are proud to offer our better than ever pilgrimage services 2018. Being one of the most trusted travel agents in the UK; we have a broad range of the best Hajj Package deals to select from. You are looking the most trusted company for your travel? So, we are here to assist you by offering the highest quality and most within your means Package deals including standard services, which will create your experience very brilliant.

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    We facilitate you do one of the most significant duties, that is, one of the Islamic pillars: Salat, Shahadah, Zakat, Roza, and Hajj.  Al-Hijaz tours are among the most well-liked Hajj & Umrah travel agent in the state of United Kingdom. We have 20 years of experience in this traveling field. We are one of the travel agencies that offer 24-hour service to pilgrims. Our annual pilgrimage Packages are carefully designed and thoroughly planned. We are programmed as the approved travel agents of the Ministry of Hajj, state of Saudi Arabia. A bulk of our clients is referred to us by those pilgrims who have previously had the experience of enjoying our complete deals. Our pilgrimage Package deals are designed to assimilate different categories, like Super Deluxe Hajj Package, Deluxe Non-Shifting Hajj Package, Standard Hajj Package, low-cost Hajj, and Umrah Packages. Don’t worry whichever package you choose your enjoyable and comfortable experience is our concern.