How to Start Bulk Email Marketing Without Becoming a Spammer

  • Bulk email marketing is the technique of selling over the internet by email delivery service. The other synonym for this technique is called spam. The method of doing this simply requires a mail server to send bulk emails from and a bunch of addresses to send the mails to. It is an ingenious and simple technique that doesn't cost the spammer any money and is so advanced that it can be said that it has even beaten the law. This does not mean that some spammers have not been caught for the practice but indicates that a large amount of spam and spammers are virtually untraceable. This is because many have teamed up with malware authors and virus creators to get into servers and send mass emails to all who use the server for mailing purposes. This is the reason that open relay servers are defunct. Considering all the problems and perceptions involved with spam, the question is whether it is a good medium to indulge in as an online marketer. This answer gives rise to a further question on whether people will ever buy a product that they get to know via email.

    The one way to counter this problem and yet try to maintain a email relay service is to ensure that the email addresses, that you send bulk emails to, are opted-in addresses. The US government legislated that it is not illegal to send email as part of the bulk mailing campaign, however, that there should be an unsubscribe option available in the mails for the users' benefit. Additionally, you should ensure that the email addresses that you do acquire are done legitimately and not from hacking into servers. One of the best tools to ensure that you get email addresses for sending bulk emails is to start a page on a popular networking site. This is a good forum to advertise and get a following for your product or service. Though the only way that you can then contact these users is by using the mailing software of the networking site, at the end of the day it is legal spam.

    Another option as a serious marketer to undertake is to forge meaningful, symbiotic tie-ups with other companies that already have a set user base that you can tap into. You can even ride proxy on the brand goodwill of that entity to ensure that your prospects are targeted and that you have a captive audience. Remember that in this age of online marketing, bulk email marketing and sending bulk emails unsolicited is a technique that is fast fading in popularity and acceptance. Most spammers that send bulk emails are getting blocked by intelligent software and spam is actually reducing globally.