• Most of the people practice email marketing service provider  to promote their services, some of them don't know the difference between spam emails and opt-in email marketing. Things are so mixed up now that the line between the opt-in emails and bulk email spam has become so blur that it’s quiet difficult to differentiate between the two. Get to know the basic idea of both types then it will be easy for you to decide the fate of your emails.


    Spam is an email sent for commercial purposes without the permission of receiver. However, if you're sending emails to your friends, family or colleagues, they do not qualify as spam. But if you're sending a group of emails to people who never asked to receive them, you're definitely sending spam.

    Contrary to that, Opt-in email is any commercial email sent to people who have explicitly signed up to receive it. If you have a list based on people who have signed up to receive emails about your any specific service but not your agency, it doesn't qualify as specific permission. You need to keep the requirements of the receivers in your mind and send them emails according to that.



    What makes permission email marketing different is not just that you have the approval of the customer to send to them, it's that you, by getting permission, are sending email campaigns to people who really want them. Even with permission smtp server service, every once in a while a person who gave you permission will hit the spam button. But at least you have the proof showing your email service provider that you had permission and you followed the proper procedure.


    Advantages of Opt-In Email


    • Email marketing reputation increases with opt in emailing. 
    • It boosts your sales and product interest.
    • Privacy of the customers is respected.
    • It makes you more targeted in your campaigns.
    • A long-term, trust-based relationship is built with customers.
    • It lets you email only those who are interested in your offer or service. 
    • It saves your time and money by segmenting your list. 




    Sending blog spam puts your email marketing reputation at risk. When you send mass emails to people who never asked for them, they're definitely going to hit the spam button. This will get you in trouble with Internet service providers, and even worse, can get your email and IP address blacklisted.

    Disadvantages of Sending Bulk Email Spam


    • Your recipients will become unresponsive.
    • You will be wasting time by sending emails to an unresponsive audience.
    • Your money will be wasted as you are sending emails to people who don't want them.
    • Your email marketing reputation will be ruined.
    • The reputation of your company will also get affected.
    • Your open and click-through rates will drop eventually. 


    Opt-in email is emerging to be the industry standard for good email marketing. With just a Signup and some creativity, you'll find yourself building a targeted, valuable list of people who are happy to know about your products and services.