Which Email Marketing Services Are right for you?

  • There are basically two types of bulk email sender, these are; The basic services, and the Advanced Services- both are quite ideal , you might have to consider their Pros and Cons in order to make a decision.

    Basic smtp email server will provide you with the basic tools that you need for your marketing strategy, with the basic package, you can send emails, Build sign-up forms, and track the results of your campaign. The advanced email campaign services goes beyond building a list and sending emails, this type of email campaign services build “Behavioural emails”, and as well as split-test auto-responder services while following some certain rules. Advanced email campaign services provide several other advanced features you can’t find on basic packages.

     Pros and Cons of Basic email marketing services 

     Basic email campaign services is ideal for beginners, it offers great deliverability and excellent value for your investment. These services are quite cheap.

    • You get a free starter account for broadcast only,

    • Access to a pre-designed template with drag and drop editors,

    •Free Social Media Integration,

    • Excellent Analytics reports which include, current Tweet trends, revenue charts, social analytics, and Goal tracking.

    • Sign up form split testing, 

    • Easy list segmentation.

    • The main disadvantages of Basic email marketing services is that you might be limited to 500 people on your email lists. Limited services will also limit your effectiveness.

        Pros and Cons of Advanced bulkresponse

    • These services provide all-in-one solution such as emails, shopping carts and affiliate system,

    • Third party add-ons and services are allowed,

    • You can track the behavior of your website visitors to enhance your email campaign,

    • Click bank integration is provided,

    • Split-testing auto-responders are always available,

    • Drag and Drop Landing Page creator for a personalized effect are provided.

    • Automated Postcards, text messages, and Voicemail messages can be sent. 

    •  The only disadvantage with Advanced email marketing services is that they are quite expensive- prices may start from 200$ and above depending on the service provider or software.

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