Joining BulkResponse? Read my review first before you make a de

  • Experiencing an mass email service was something I always wanted to do. But I did not know which  email marketing service should be chosen in order to reach the goals I wanted  for my business. Came across many email marketing service providers , but I wanted my money productive . After going through the BulkResponse features on its website , I decided to try it once  and  later was of the opinion that  it worked somehow. Convinced by the efficiency , I chose to write this review . Its not that expensive too , see .
    Email template designing- They provide you with 100 professional email templates , you can chose which ever you like in this regard. Images can be added too along with videos and coupons . BulkResponse offers you to create unlimited email campaigns given that you can manage them.
    Spam checker- Before the email is sent to the subscriber , its content is first checked to verify that it does not contain any material which takes the mail to the junk box or the mail gets flagged. Thus BulkResponse  ensures that the email reaches the subscriber .The email wouldn't get spammed .
    Open and Click Reporting- If the email is bounced due to some reasons then it is automatically re-sent . BulkResponse has unlimited auto responders  . In order to see how many subscribers have opened the mail and at what time is your subscriber mostly online , the open and click reporting feature provides you all the relative information.  But the exact number of people cannot be viewed instantly because it takes time with that. You can easily remove the unnecessary subscribers too and this actually is what made me reach the real subscribers who were serious about deal-making.
    Multi-email client testing- BulkResponse offers you to send emails to holders of different account holders such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL , Gmail and Outlook. Every type of email account is reached by BulkResponse.
    Email Deliver ability- 95% delivery is  made to the major set of ISPs through BulkResponse, that means your mail has least chances to reach the spam folder. As you know that good email delivery is very much important for your email marketing , this will open your import rates enormously .
    Import your lists without verification- If you visit other smtp relay server providers , they do not allow you to import your lists without verification but bulk response makes a difference by allowing you to do so.  
    Dependable customer support- Emal marketing provider offers complete support through-out the email campaign. In every manner, they would support you, and in return you are convinced much to support them through your reviews. They are always available through chat on their web site, apart from that; direct calls can be made through phone or through Skype and ofcourse email is also what you can do while facing any difficulty or if you want them to solve your problem . What BulkResponse does is  that it  imports , creates , monitors and optimizes your campaigns for you according to your desire. There is a dedicated email server for all the email delivery and to my amazement the data centre is in USA, my country I mean.