The ammo is determined by the Buy FIFA Mobile Coins

  • This seems like a good deal but you get used to it. What you do not quite get used to is the specific place of the keys on the display and more frequently than not in the heat of the battle I found myself tapping vacant area of display rather than the FIFA 19 Coins fire button. Peeling your eyes away from the goal to look at the button frequently means the target has moved away. Mobile is the only platform where you have to consider before pressing the button, and that's what makes it terrible for these games (yet, here we are).

    It can be enlarged and zoomed in.

    Near the bottom of the display is where you are able to pick your weapons. You can only carry two weapons at one time along with the ammo is determined by the Buy FIFA Mobile Coins size and contents of your backpack, which can be accessed from a button on the left. You'll also see your health here. Also present are handy shortcuts for packs. The back pack UI was altered from different platforms and is a lot simpler here.

    On the upper left of the screen is your kill feed, your squad feed as well as the latency in ms.

    Now for the gameplay. Aforementioned gripes with all the controls aside, the game does work well most of the time. The mobile version also has some niceties, such as goal assist and also automatically picks up things for you once you walk over them.

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