Benefits of having cybersecurity solutions for your company

  • Cybersecurity is an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant every year, both for companies and for home users.


    Hackers constantly develop new ways to profit from information and access to industrial networks and large corporations, cases of information seizures occur in which large amounts of money are requested in exchange for the release of important security systems or databases. confidential data.


    In this article we will talk about the current situation on the Internet, the new threats that have arisen and our Risoul cybersecurity solutions.


    The current cybersecurity landscape

    Currently the most relevant issues in the world of cybersecurity are:

    • Security of data in the cloud.
    • The storage of intellectual property.
    • Information management across borders.
    • Consequences of integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) with existing models of security in the cloud.
    • Protection and data management.
    • Cyber-insurance
    • Obsolete authentication systems.
    • Existing holes in the coverage of service layers.
    • "Denial of service for rescue" hacks.
    • Biometrics as a means of identification in the cloud.
    • Security in the cloud offers.


    Predictions related to the Internet of Things (IoT) talk about:

    • Cyber ​​attacks to nation-states.
    • Current and future challenges for device manufacturers.
    • Attacks on mobile security blocking mobile devices with access data theft to steal bank accounts.
    • Encryption and behavior monitoring.
    • Increase vulnerability holes in Windows.
    • More complex attacks to all types of hardware and firmware.
    • The economy in cybercrime.
    • Criminal infrastructure for cybercrime.
    • Ransomware.
    • Hacks to drones for use in criminal or hacking activities.
    • Cyber-espionage will increase in the private sector.

    Cybersecurity hazards that you must prevent to protect yourself from Hackers

    To face the new threats and cyber attacks it is necessary to put a special emphasis on the learning of artificial intelligence to improve the handling of attacks and greater cooperation between industry and public safety agencies. Some of the most common cybersecurity problems in a Corporate / Administrative Network are:

    • Spyware
    • Malware
    • Ransomware
    • Fishing
    • Denial of service (DDOS)

    Some of the most common cybersecurity problems in an Industrial Network are:

    • Ransomware
    • Information theft
    • Access not allowed to an industrial network
    • Take control of industrial equipment, changing the configuration of industrial equipment, PLCs, control machines, etc.
    • Stopping of production lines in plant due to the previous problems