This whole thing Daryl Morey and Harden

  • This whole thing Daryl Morey and Harden himself are saying about NBA Live Coins winning being the biggest factor is really hilarious considering Kawhi's team is up seven games on the Rockets! All the politicking aside, it's been an amazing race. Harden is such a joy to watch in action.


    Westbrook has been a six-month Michael Bay movie. Kawhi's growth is just incredible to behold, and LeBron is the best since MJ. I'm hoping for an encore next year.FLANNERY: That's cause you don't have a vote. Beyond the MVP race, the Cavs drama, and all those points.


    can't be the only one who feels like this season has been underwhelming. The rise of the unicorns was fun for a while, but then Joel Embiid got hurt and everyone this side of Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to miss the playoffs. You can say the Rockets were a big of a surprise in terms of win count, but most of us had them pegged as a playoff team at least.


    There weren't any other major shockers unless you count Miami's tremendous rise during the second half. Even the DeMacus blockbuster felt more like an absurd relief then a NBALive reddit sea change. Everything else played out more or less as expected. Tell me when I'm being too curmudgeonly. ZILLER: I'll have something Wednesday morning to make you and other skeptics fall in love with the 2016-17 season all over again. Just you wait.