TERA is a brand new breed of MMO

  • TERA is a brand new breed of MMO, mixing True Action Combat using the tera gold vast game world and deep social interactions with a roleplaying game. TERA's grand content is totally free to perform, from character creation all the way to level 65 and outside. True. Action. Combat--Expertise an MMO with nonstop, pulse pounding action.

    In TERA, it is your skill and positioning that decide if you live or perish in battle. Vast Fantasy World--With seven personality races and ten playable courses, you can personalize your personality to meet your personal playstyle.

    You will embark on thousands of quests within a game universe rich in history and lore, fighting a myriad of monster types across an assortment of arenas like arid deserts, arctic tundras, sweltering jungles, and many, many more. No Restrictions-- TERA provides a truly free-to-play experience, with no synthetic cap on courses, zones, what you could do, or how great you are --all of the articles in the game can be gotten without paying a single penny. To support the continued development of TERA, we offer account services, decorative items, accessories, costumes, weapon skins, mounts, and much more for purchase from an in-game shop.

    A World of Fellow Players--If you fight as part of a guild or are content to make friends (and enemies) along the way, being a part of TERA's energetic community means there is always someone to talk about your adventures. Retooled for Consoles-- Featuring a port redesigned and tera reddit optimized for game controls, TERA offers a immersive MMO experience from the comfort of your living room couch!