Teletype Technician

  • A teletype called as an electromechanical typewriter. It helps in exchange of typed messages through a simple electrical communications network used for the communication. A Teletype technician is a trained professional who takes care for service or repair of Teletype machine and other communication equipment for clients either at the field or on-site.

    The technician installs and repair telegraphic transmission and receiving equipment, following floor plan sketches and wiring diagrams. Teletype is also known as Teletypewriter.

    Several teletype machines were related to or had built-in, paper tape stamping, and reading mechanisms, thus allowing information to be produced and edited off-line as well as kept and retransmitted on different circuits. The composite and organizational communications networks were built which had centers with rows of teletypewriters and big frames for paper tapes until transmission.

    The skilled technician could define the urgencies of messages directly from the designs of holes in the tapes and could thus load an urgent tape into the different machine for retransmission even though it was still coming out of the punching section.