• Introduction to Field Engineering

    Field engineering can be related to a broad range of jobs. For example, in chemical manufacturing companies, a field engineer’s position gives them the chance to interact with the customer facilities. In Telecommunications, a field engineer must ensure that the equipment operates according to design and scope of work.

    network engineer


    In the telecom industry,  have varied duties which include:

    • Installation and testing of telecom equipment
    • Maintaining, problem solving and repair of a communications system
    • Systems and equipment analyses

    Demand for freelance jobs

    In today’s job market, freelance jobs are in a boom. Companies save on in-house costs related to permanent, full-time telecommunication field engineers by hiring as and when required or on a need basis, which proves to be cost-effective. Which refers to the ‘gig economy’.

    Freelancers have many job opportunities that offer them an excellent pay package. In telecommunications, freelancing field engineers can work on one to three projects simultaneously, which thereby increases what they earn.

    For freelance telecom engineers, the typical work day ranges from traveling offsite to client facilities. Which also allows field engineers to pick and choose distances they wish to go for their work.


    The Freelance Field Engineer Salary

    In the U.S., the average salary for a freelance field engineer is around $65,000 annually. The overall field engineer salary ranges between $58,535 and $73,897. Which heavily depends on education, experience, job description and specialty certification.