Hire a Freelance Network Controller

  • The network controller architecture can be exploited to improve the security of the network with the provision of a highly reactive security monitoring, analysis and response system. Being the central controller a key piece for this system. Traffic analysis or anomaly detection methods using probes implemented in the network generate security-related data, which can be transferred regularly to the central controller. 

    The applications can be executed in the controller to analyze and correlate this network data. Based on the analysis, the new or updated security policy can be propagated through said network controller in the form of flow rules. This consolidated approach can efficiently accelerate the control and containment of network threats and their security.

    However, the attributes of network controller jobs include centralized control and programability associated with the SDN platform present network security challenges. A greater potential for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks due to the centralized controller and the limitation of the flow table in network devices is a perfect example. Another issue of concern based on the open programability of the network is trust between applications and controllers, and between controllers and network devices.

    The wireless technology makes it easy for co-ordination and protection of mechanisms in the radio-electric spectrum for a more efficient use. The mechanisms are grouped here so that each AP uses a different portion of the electrical spectrum. In addition, mechanisms aimed at optimizing the distribution of traffic between wireless devices and APs can detect interference and even geographically position devices using radio triangulation.

    Many controllers include features that have little or nothing to do with Wi-Fi technology, such as server-to-printer functionality, network hard drive (NAS) functionality or the traditional fixed-local network switch itself.


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