Hire a Freelance Network Controller

  • Network controller which supports the generic virtualization network encapsulation routing (NVGRE) and Local Extensible Virtual Area Network (VXLAN) is very popular among the network infrastructures usability. The main objective of a network controller is the configuration of wireless access points (APs). But, in principle, it can have many other applications.

    Network Controller help organizations accelerate application deployment and deployment by dramatically reducing IT costs by automating policy-based workflow. SDN technology enables cloud architectures through automated distribution and mobility of applications on demand and scale.  Increase the benefits of data center virtualization, as they increase flexibility and resource use, and reduce overhead and infrastructure costs.

    A Network Controller (also called network card or Network Interface Card (NIC) ) is a kind of card intended to be inserted into the motherboard of a computer or connected to one of its ports to enable the machine to be added to a network and can share their resources (such as documents, Internet connection or a printer

    Managing network performance is always a big challenge and this is duplicated when using products from multiple manufacturers to manage it. Introducing Op Manager v12 Network Controller, the world's first fully integrated software for network management faster and smarter. Pre-defined, it offers monitoring of physical and virtual server networks, analysis of bandwidth based on flow, analysis and storage of firewall logs, management of changes and configurations, and management of IP addresses and switch ports, providing this way all the visibility and control you need over your network.

    The wireless technology makes it easy for co-ordination and protection of mechanisms in the radio-electric spectrum for a more efficient use. The mechanisms are grouped here so that each AP uses a different portion of the electrical spectrum. In addition, mechanisms aimed at optimizing the distribution of traffic between wireless devices and APs can detect interference and even geographically position devices using radio triangulation.


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