Hire a Freelance Network Controller

  • Network Controller provides a centralized, programmable point of automation to manage, configure, monitor and troubleshoot physical and virtual network infrastructure in the data centre. Using the network driver, you can automate the configuration of the network infrastructure instead of manually configuring network devices and services.

    Network controller is a highly available and scalable server role and provides an application programming interface that allows the network controller to communicate with the network and a second that can communicate with the network controller. You can implement the domain network controller and non-domain environments. In domain environments, the network driver authenticates users and network devices with Kerberos; In non-domain environments, you must implement certificates for authentication.

    Network controller communicates with network devices, services and components through the network driver can detect network devices, detect service settings and gather all the information you need about the network. In addition, the Network controller offers a network driver for a route to send information to the network infrastructure, such as configuration changes you have made. The network controller provides the ability to gather network information from the network controller and is used to monitor and configure the network.

    Network controller allows you to configure, monitor, troubleshoot and deploy new devices on the network using Windows PowerShell, the Representational State Transfer  (REST) or a management application with a graphical user interface, such as System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

    You can manage the network of data centers with the network controller by using management applications, such as System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), because the network controller allows you to configure, monitor, program and solve problems of the network infrastructure that is under your control.


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