MapleStory: Can You Like Transfer to a Different Server?

  • Hi guys, welcome to Maplestory Mesos, some gamers are speaking about change server in MapleStory, by way of instance, moving into Bera? Yes, there are a few servers so hot in game, that has so a lot of men and women, and a few servers has little players.

    There is not any shame staying in a less populated server for new player. Even though it dwindles down to 50 active players trying bravely to battle back the nothing that's hoping to consume the entire world. Give that despair bringing representative of the nothing a karate chop right in the wolf head for me. I am too scared of this nothing so I fled with all the masses.

    I know you guys are trying to come off well but direct about it. But understand something... most of use been thur some servers and spents years there, due to great memorys, helping others , leveling up, building friendships, losing them and dealing with life. (of course we have . .) But forgive my rudeness, also stating that H word, I been under heavy stress and losing two best friends over a major fight because I seemed controling, and questioning.

    I've trying to change my ways but those words amazes me in a sense because somehow she'd say that to me and it made me angry. I love this game, and am glad people sticked around for it. However, I want solid proof how activity is going in Bera to move there, and also feel steam isnt able to get me into match earlyer .... I am alittle stressed. .) (please next time write things down and look twice before posting I know I left my mistake also, but I had to show you this way so you dont come off as poor as me. .)

    I have been at scania for two years now and I labored hard to get exactly what I needed there, I want to be about a sizable audience level up, do more challenging content with individuals, and increase up amounts too. I enjoy working with individuals and maintain active guilds, but everyone must come together to make this work and happen in this game. .

    I will never leave MapleStory, buy Maplestory 2 Mesos is my favorite game, I have a lot of happy time with my friends, hope that MapleStory will be better and better, and I would love to thank maplestory2 mesos for giving me plenty of Maplestory 2 mesos, which actually help me a great deal in sport.

    First job skills were normal compared to other courses, but you know, today we could hurricane as a primary job skill, which was really fun. Secondly job was complete garbage, worst pair of abilities I've noticed. Now third task was really a lot of fun. I barreled through using those dashboard skills and the main dps ability had better range and cooldown than preceding skills guide. I made sure to train flat maps and zooming back and forth, while not funded (I was only picking up equips that dropped, I did not even open my burning boxes till 150) only really took two dashes, but it usually only took 1 Starline 3 to clean.

    As for complaints~Their flash jump is very embarrassing. But frankly it doesn't matter because we have so many other motion based skills. It needs to be changed to a regular flash jump or just removed entirely.

    Turret deployment continues hardly anything, and it's annoying to have to recast it just to have something harm an extra platform for me while coaching. While bossing it's more reliable since it's possible to keep casting it near the boss, but still plenty of maplestory mesos as service.

    To go together with the aforementioned, we've got MANY buffs, I have played a lot of classes but this is the most fans I've ever had, without adding adequate skills. And to top it off, they only last about two minutes, so I'm constantly having to rebuff. Not to mention one of the fans increases your health, so in case it runs out and I recast it, now I have a chunk of vacant wellness bar, which is always sort of bothersome. That being said that these fans make Jett fairly tanky wellness wise so they are nice to have, just wish they lasted at least 3 minutes.

    Cosmic Upheaval barely functioned 1 out of every 10 casts, and that is without other people in my map, I know having folks in the map makes horse moving skills act even more dumb.

    For 4th job skills, they were fairly underwhelming, for the exclusion of the controversial Starfall. Backup Beatdown, although seems trendy, a mobbing ability that works like Hurricane, simply did not do much harm and also the range on it isn't that good. The bossing skill Starforce Salvo, barely did more harm than Backup Beatdown. For something targetting just one monster, it should do more damage.

    Starfall outside dps'd both of those previous skills by simply holding the button down. It is a gigantic mana waster, but it's worth it not only in training, but bossing too. So now we are losing this into a 60 second cooldown. Personally, I believe it ought to have been something closer to a 24 second cooldown. As much fun as it had been, it did annoy a number of other players if Jetts spammed this in servers that are crowded or started KSing people.

    So today Starfall is 60 seconds, but in terms of range, it's actually among the worst ultis I've seen, vertically. So today it is worse in every way when compared with other ultis since it can't hit multiple platforms unless they're near one another.

    Alright, I've told you all what I know about the job skills in MapleStory, then it's yours show time, just like a much better world in sport, and if you will need the support of maplestory mesos, remember that maplestory2 mesos is the professional supplier for maplestory solutions!