Hacking/Botting Affects Everyone in MapleStory

  • Hi, guys, today we will talk about how Hacking/Botting effects us at the game, you know, many players using hack and robots mesos in  Maplestory 2 Mesos, which will bring huge negative effects to most gamers! Still loads of people who care. More than you think, but most aren't satisfied with what Nexon is doing to fight them.

    While they obviously ban them with the time it takes is way too long and the punishment is far too lenient. Sometimes they don't get them and they wind up hitting 250 at which stage they are pretty much neater unless they do something. There's so many issues like hackers/botters not getting a perm ban immediately. Makes no sense as to why they shouldn't. Nexon used to perma ban hackers/botters but unexpectedly they believe they'll come clean after their ban? Hackers and botters should not get off this easy and MS2 Mesos is among the reasons why so many take action and continue to perform it. Anouther problem is they keep everything they've gained after their prohibit period is over which is absurd. "Oh what's that? You botted to 250 and earned countless mesos? NP bro, you will still have it all when you're unbanned."