What is a System Administrator

  • What is a System Administrator-Definition, Job, and Salary.


    An administrator is defined as the person (or program) responsible for optimizing and controlling existing resources among several users, that is, managing. Although there are different types of administrators (farms, real estate ...), when we talk about computers we usually talk about systems administrator.

    System Administrator
    A system administrator is therefore responsible for installing or maintaining a system composed of several computer components, in optimal operating conditions for its correct use by users of these. For this, it must monitor the state of the system periodically, perform maintenance and repair tasks, purchase new elements, updates, security, equipment and network configuration ... etc. 
    This work, which was generally reserved for the user, then a technically qualified person does it, thus allowing to free the first of these tasks, gaining time and also effectiveness and security as a whole. The systems administrator is indispensable in a company that uses a computer network for its daily work, freeing workers from tasks for which they may not be trained.

    As we can see, its field of action is very broad, which is why there are different specializations depending on whether they perform one function or another. We can then speak of network administrators, in charge of ensuring the installation, configuration, maintenance and perfect communication between the equipment connected to a network, whether local or remote. We also have database administrators data , and there are even administrators of social networks , with the rise of these and their growing importance, are responsible for managing a social network for various purposes (growth, expansion, security .. etc.).

    At a local level, we can even talk about the administrator of a specific team, who is the user of that team with permissions to change critical configurations, install and uninstall programs ... etc.. Any user who is not an administrator will not be able to do most of the work of tasks that may affect stability. It is a protection measure used in shared computers to avoid vulnerabilities.

    As we said at the beginning, an administrator can be a technically qualified person, but also a program that allows managing resources or performing maintenance tasks automatically. So, to give an example, Windows includes a Program Manager, which is nothing more than a graphical interface that allows you to manage the installed software, and change its configuration or uninstall it. There is also a Task Manager, which allows to obtain information on how PC resources are used for each program.

    The daily tasks of a systems administrator are complicated and fundamental for the day to day of the company. They must be constantly informed about the latest technologies to solve any IT crisis that may occur.

    Although any employee may think that the only function of a systems administrator is to fix the computer problems that may exist, their daily activities are more complex and necessary for the success of any company. They are undoubtedly the core of today's business world. 

    How much does a System Administrator earn?
    The average System Administrator Salary is ARS $ 34,731 / month. The salary can vary from ARS $ 19,600 to ARS $ 60,000. This salary estimate is based on 16 salary (s) published by staff member (s) in Love Mondays for this position.

    The average salary of Systems Administrator is $ 62,178 per year or $ 32 per hour. This is about 2.4 times more than the average salary in the country. 

    Highest Paying Engineering Jobs positions start at $ 44,000, while most experienced workers reach $ 87,000. The results are based on 112 salaries extracted from the descriptions of job offers.

    I discovered what an Administrator of Networks, Communications and Operating Systems does:
    It can be complex to talk about the functions of a system and network administrator since they can be several and very diverse depending on the position and the new technologies that are appearing. This professional is a key player in any company or organization since they are the ones who deal with the security, quality and correct functioning of the entire computer network and the services offered, as well as maintenance.