Functions and Responsibilities of the Supervisor Freelance Netw

  • In the search to provide the best possible help to our Pymex readers , we will provide you below with the functions and responsibilities of a Technical Support Supervisor. If you want to see the functions and responsibilities of other important positions for a company you can go to the end of the article.

    Supervisor freelance network technician Functions Provide support to users when software and / or hardware problems arise.
    Solve minor technical problems that arise with computers.
    Perform continuous backups of electronic information (files) of the servers.
    Perform technical services to the equipment, according to the user's request, or in case of failure.
    Configure printers and hardware devices and other peripherals.
    Create IP addresses, user accounts (email) among others.
    Elaborate and manage authorizations of exit and entrance of the building to the computer equipment.
    Monitor the status of the processes in the servers, as well as the disk spaces in them.
    Maintenance to the email server.
    Perform inventory of existing hardware and software.
    Inform the conditions of use, status and validity of all the software that manages the company, so that this information can be managed as support for decision making.
    Advise on bids for the purchase or contracting of products and services, participating in the technical analysis of the proposal. Freelance Network Controller of Responsibility and Authority.

    Use efficiently assigned resources (equipment, man hours).
    Use, safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the organization and by the Client.
    Maintain and comply with the guidelines of the Quality Management System of the organization.
    Comply with health and safety standards and procedures at work.
    Conditions of the workplace in accordance with the standards.Efficient artificial lighting
    Efficient natural lighting
    Controlled climate, cold, heat and humidity
    Good working environment
    Adequate ventilation Freelance Telecom engineer
    Punctual risks of the place or place of work. General risks Measures to avoid the risks.

    Review of the workplace before starting the daily tasks and at the end of them.
    Use insulating protection when walking with electrical parts and repair equipment in the office, (and recommends the use of gloves) Stay alert to unsafe conditions and general workplace hazards